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A Children & Veteran Service Foundation

The Audie Gray Foundation was developed to serve those who best embody the desired legacy of the young Audie Gray Curtis. 

Audie Gray Curtis was an infant child whose life was cut tragically short by an extremely rare disease called Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia, N.A.I.T. This disease destroys the baby’s blood platelets while in the womb allowing blood and other fluids to run into the wrong parts of the body. Before any difficulties were discovered in Audie’s development, his name was chosen specifically to provide him with life role models who exhibited characteristics such as honor, courage, and commitment. He was named for the highly-decorated World War II veteran, Audie Murphy, and a family friend, Gray Williams, who served honorably in Desert Storm with the United States Marine Corps.

The Audie Gray Foundation was created to honor all those selfless men and women who sacrifice to serve our nation in the armed forces and to serve the needs of children and their families who often struggle with medical, financial, and emotional needs. Through these two groups, the Audie Gray Foundation hopes to allow the memory of a brief life to live on through the positive change in numerous others.

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